With a large selection provided in the diverse finishes we have available including Gloss, Satin, Texture & Supermatt our prices are deemed affordable with what our customers choose to go with. 



Laser-Edge is an innovative adhesive-free laser edging technology. This new, two layer edgeband, replaces commonly used edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market.



Superior high gloss finishes for all door, panels and drawers. Acrylic provides a deep high gloss colour without ripples; making acrylic finished panels the preferred choice of architects & interior designers.

Door Care

Door Care

With proper care our doors will keep their fresh looks for many years. No need to paint or varnish.

Cabinet Carcass

Cabinet Carcass

We are now providing custom cut cabinet carcass from kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and wardrobes to the CABINET INDUSTRY ONLY. This alone saves manpower and cost whilst increasing efficiency. 

Modernform Doors Australia

NEW FOR 2018 – Custom-Cut Cabinet Carcass

Saving You Time, Money & Manpower – at your convenience

Modernform Doors have always taken into consideration a customer’s opinions and their decision, so for 2018 Modernform are here to help with the introduction of custom carcass units, being able to cut to any specific size desired whether it be a base, tall, wall cabinet or a WHOLE kitchen itself!

Our carcass units can be quickly and easily adapted for any storage solution being evidently perfect for wardrobes, garages, kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Cheap, non-hygienic flat-park carcass imported from overseas is NEVER the way to go as the life-span of such products is on the bottom end of our expectations. We use 16mm High Moisture Resistance particle boards with a strong, white melamine finish.

What makes us different to our competitors across Western Australia? Our vinyl, laser/ABS, acrylic, aluminium and timber doors are 100% applicable to this cabinetry, being the greatest convenience the building industry could ask for!

Visit our Cabinet Carcass page for further details or contact our office.

Modernform Doors is a West Australian family owned and operated business providing quality kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom and outdoor vinyl finishes with our customer’s desired door and panel specifications.

Our doors are made from a high quality, 18mm moisture resistant MDF material. MDF boards are environmentally friendly and are vacuum-sealed preventing any moisture penetrating the surface and eliminating the possibility of chipped edges.

Our attractive, modern designs are accurately routed into MDF core prior to the THERMO FUSION process. All vinyl doors and panels are manufactured with a tough PVC material making them resistant to chips as well as the backing of each panel occupying a white melamine for a fully sealed finish.

The completely sealed finish is provided by THERMO FUSION technology which ensures doors remain water tight and attain a highly hygienic surface which further prevents bacteria build up.

Steering away from the standard IKEA or Bunnings flat pack doors is highly advised as many of our current customers were once fond of flat-pack products and it’s easy accessibility, but what they lack is the hygienic, sealed and smooth finish we promise.

ModernForm’s dedicated staff take pride in every door and panel produced and carry 7 year guarantees as of 2010 against faulty workmanship (conditions apply)

Bonlex Australia

With the sole implementation of Bonlex products in our door and panel manufacturing, our business now sets the bar for Australian vinyl-door production proving how the industry is ever evolving.

Bonlex products are used for high end commercial projects such as Crown Towers & Casino, The John Art Series Hotel Brisbane and other beautiful hotels across the world.

Bonlex is a decorative surface that provides an attractive, smooth and durable finish perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, offices and more! The extensive palette of colours offered in the Bonlex range continues to reflect evolving tastes and styles from around the world.

Made from premium quality PVC, Bonlex is seamlessly thermoformed creating stylish kitchen cabinet doors, interior doors, store fixtures, wall panelling and many more end-product applications.

The quality finish of Bonlex provides an unparalleled, sophisticated appearance year after year.

Prefinished ABS Laser-Edged, Acrylic, Timber & Melamine Doors

Modernform Doors over the past 5 years have ventured into a variety of door designs and are now producing Laser-Edged Prefinished, Timber, Acrylic and Melamine Doors.

Through the introduction of laser technology and state of the art extrusion and lamination processes, Modernform promise to deliver superior products if customers wish to move beyond vinyl.

For further information on different options please navigate to a desired page.


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A World Class Thermal Glue System

Modernform Doors have been using THERMO FUSION technology for many years with successful results. THERMO FUSION technology is an application of an adhesive which acts as an impervious membrane to the back of the PVC vinyl, not the MDF board. This process elininates the increase of moisture within the MDF board which can cause
fibre swelling. By eliminating this, a smoother finish is achievable (Less orange peel).

Modernform is currently the only manufacturer in vinyl wrap doors using the THERMO FUSION system in Australia since 2002. The system is officially approved and no records of delaminated doors and panels exist from current customers. The adhesive system is applied to the PVC vinyl in-house with full control. The product was designed specifically for the membrane pressing industry by a high-tech adhesive company in the USA.

Their mission was to develop an adhesive system that would assist and save the industry production time and address health issues associated with the current spray systems that are used today.

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