Our vinyl range consists of Gloss, Satin, Texture & Supermatt finishes with over 80 door profiles to choose from whilst our prices remain affordable with whichever choice you decide.



Laser-Edged doors involve an innovative adhesive-free laser edging technology. This new, two layer edge-band, replaces commonly used edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market.



Acrylic provides a deep high gloss colour without ripples; making acrylic finishes a common choice of architects & interior designers alongside our vinyl range.

Door Care

Door Care

With proper care our doors will keep their fresh looks for many years with no need to paint or varnish. Just follow our easy steps to ensure your doors remain clean and hygienic.

Cabinet Carcass

Cabinet Carcass

We now provide cabinet carcass to the CABINET INDUSTRY ONLY. Saving time, money and man-power with all white 16mm cabinet carcass cut to any desired sizes with easy ‘puzzle’ like assembly.

Modernform Doors Australia

5-7 Working days across all Vinyl door orders

Want to renovate or simply change your home’s looks? Want your home to be a part of the latest home trends from across world? We offer just that!

Over 100 door designs & 50+ colours for your vinyl doors with commercial examples in projects such as Crown Towers & Casino.

ABS/Laser – Acrylic – Raw – Aluminium – Timber – Melamine door opportunities with STATE-WIDE delivery.

Exceeding the strength of paint & lacquer, we attain no record of ‘peeling’ products for over 15 YEARS.

We have set the bar for vinyl-wrap doors across Perth & Australia with world-class machinery.

This is our promise.

Modernform Doors is a West Australian family owned and operated business providing quality kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom and outdoor vinyl finishes matching any customer requirements.

With over 20 years of precise CNC-machining, our vinyl-wrap doors are an exceptional option when looking to replace kitchen cabinets along with bathroom and laundry applications. Our industry leading thermal-glue system allows Modernform Doors to set the bar for cabinet door applications, ensuring durability & hygiene exceeding any spray-glue systems currently being used across the country.

Our showroom allows you to choose any colour & finish to suit your doors. We attain the most extensive world-class machinery in Perth to ensure your doors are modern, vibrant & contemporary in your home. Replacing your cabinet doors could not get any easier as we have a 5-7 working day turn around across all vinyl door orders.

With the implementation of Bonlex products in our vinyl door and panel manufacturing, our business now sets the bar for Australian vinyl-wrap door production proving how the industry is ever evolving.

Bonlex is a decorative surface that provides an attractive, smooth and durable finish perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, offices and more! The extensive palette of colours offered in their  range continues to reflect evolving tastes and styles from around the world.

The quality finish of Bonlex provides an unparalleled, sophisticated appearance year after year.


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A World Class Thermal Glue System

Modernform Doors has attained Western Australia’s first and only world-class gluing system which acts as an impervious membrane to the back of our PVC vinyl.

Now exceeding the strength and longevity of paint & lacquer, Modernform hold no record of de-laminated products for over 15 years.

This thermo-fusion process eliminates the increase of moisture within our MDF board which would usually cause fibre-swelling. Therefore our end product results in a much smoother, hygienic finish for years to come.

Modernform Doors is currently the only manufacturer of vinyl-wrap doors using the thermo-fusion system in Australia since 2002. The process is undertaken in-house with full control. Our aim is to save industry production time and address health issues associated with current spray systems still used today.

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